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Minecraft Replika of Code Lyoko (MRCL)

Minecraft Replika of Code Lyoko (referred to as MRCL from this point forward), is a project started by GoodOldJack12#2922.

It started out as a small project where the aim was (and still is) to:

  • Recreate Lyoko in Minecraft accurately as far as map goes
  • Provide a server with these maps so that players can enjoy them together

It ended up being so much more.

Not only are we recreating the maps larger and more detailed than before, we also have:

And most importantly: A community that respects the OC material, and is in general talented in many aspects.

You can find us on Discord which we use as our primary communication platform:

We also have a website at:

Don't forget to checkout our YouTube channel:

Getting started

  • Consult the Introduction page for information on how to get started.
  • Join our Discord for support.