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XANA is the main antagonist of MRCL.

Like in Code Lyoko, XANA can activate towers, launch attacks and create monsters in virtual worlds.


Monsters are hostile creatures (passive towards XANAfied players) that appear in Virtual worlds when a tower is activated.

Currently, there are 3 kinds of monsters but there's more monsters planned in the monster changelog.


Kankerlats are small basic monsters that load and shoot lasers.


Bloks are bigger monsters that shoot lasers and can also hurt you if you get too close while they are spinning.

In the future, they'll be able to shoot ice beams and fire rings, as stated in the monster changelog.


Mantas are flying monsters that used to appear in Cortex and the Volcano Replika. They do not appear during regular gameplay anymore.

Mantas are hard monsters that shoot lasers from the sky and often come down to attack. In the future, they'll also have the ability to release mines.

These monsters are also unaffected by SmokeGrab, Telekinesis, Petrification and Triangulation.


XANA attacks happen every 5 minutes in the server, with a 30% chance of failing and the attack being skipped. XANA attacks also come with a difficulty, which defines the amount of online players it requires in order to be triggered.

XANA attacks are controlled by ProjectCarthage but they can be expanded and added through attack modules like ProjectXANA and Phoenix.


The Core module is integrated in ProjectCarthage, it adds 3 basic attacks created by Jack.

It adds the following attacks:


ProjectXANA is a module created by Sky that adds 10 attacks.

It adds the following attacks:


Phoenix is a module created by OscarKoala that currently adds 5 attacks.

It adds the following attacks: