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Deactivated tower

A Tower is a structure on MRCL that mimics the behavior of Code Lyoko's towers. These can be found in sectors.

Just like their Code Lyoko counterpart, their insides have a large platform at the base, and a smaller at the top. All towers have a floating "Code Lyoko" sign that can be used to deactivate the tower.

Waytowers are a special type of towers that allows transferring between sectors and they have a second "Code Earth" interface.

Towers are also an important source of energy for Lyokowarriors.


XANA tower

Any tower can be activated by 4 different entities

  • None/deactivated
  • XANA
  • Jeremie
  • Hopper

Currently, only XANA towers occur "naturally", so seeing a Jeremie or a Hopper tower is limited to events or admin tomfoolery.

A tower will give 100 Energy upon deactivation regardless of the state (unless its already deactivated).

Volcano towers will automatically reactivate themselves, but can only be deactivated once every so often per player, and only give 20 energy.

Hopper tower


Waytowers are special towers with extra features. Currently they only exist on Lyoko. Tower 1 and 10 in each sector is a waytower.

Transferring between sectors

Jumping off the platform at the base of the waytower will take you to a different waytower in a different sector. The towers are linked in this order:

  • Ice 1 - Mountain 10
  • Mountain 1 - Desert 10
  • Desert 1 - Forest 10
  • Forest 1 - Ice 10

Overvehicles can also transfer between sectors this way.

Code Earth

Each waytower has a "Code Earth" button that returns the player to the scanners.


Jeremie tower

Here's some trivia about towers!

  • The first towers were entirely commandblock based.
  • Many features of the current tower are still controlled through commandblocks
  • Nightmare tower 6 was the first persistently bugged tower and we still don't know why