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Overvehicles reveal thumbnail

Overvehicles are a type of vehicle which is usable in a VirtualWorld on MRCL.

At the moment, there are 4 different vehicles:

  • Overbike
  • Overwing
  • Overboard
  • Wings

The Wings function a little differently than the other vehicles. See its page for more details.



Spawn Vehicle button
Spawn Vehicle button

To spawn an overvehicle, you must be virtualized, and you need Energy (See the table below).

Then, use the keyboard combination Shift + L to open the Virtual Menu.

There you can click the "Spawn Overvehicle" button and select your overvehicle.

If you spawn an overvehicle while falling towards the Digital Sea, it will spawn under you to prevent you from falling into the sea.


Note: This section does not apply to the Wings. Please see it's dedicated page for more detail on how to use the Wings.

To mount an overvehicle, right click it.

You can adjust the speed with the scroll wheel on your mouse.

To fly, hold right click. This will consume Nitro.


To get rid of your overvehicle open the Virtual Menu again (If you are on an overvehicle, you can just press L instead of Shift + L) and click the "Demater Overvehicle" button.


Another player can join you on an overvehicle (except for the Wings) by right clicking the overvehicle.

If the driver dismounts, the passenger becomes the driver. The original owner can still dematerialize the vehicle, however.

You can also kick an unwanted passenger out in the Virtual Menu (press L while driving).


You can still use waytowers while driving an overvehicle. Simply approach the waytower and you will be taken directly to the transit tunnel.


The overvehicles have a few specific properties which are explained here.

Picture of a the nitro bar for overvehicles.
Nitro bar


Nitro represents how long you can fly with an overvehicle. The Wings vehicle uses Stamina, but it behaves similarly.

If you run out of Nitro, the overvehicle will fall until it hits the ground.

Nitro will regenerate over time, even while in flight.

You will use less nitro if you're close to the Digital Sea.

Picture of the health bar for overvehicles
Health bar


Health represents how many hitpoints your vehicle has left. Being hit by lazerarrows or other attacks will remove health.

If you run out of health, the vehicle will be devirtualized.


Each overvehicle requires Energy to spawn. The energy will be held by the vehicle until it is devirtualized, after which it will return to the VirtualWorld.

Energy requirement per vehicle
Vehicle Energy
Overwing 100
Overbike 100
Overboard 100
Wings 100


Note: most of these limitations dont apply to the Wings

The overvehicles have a few limitations.

  • Powers cant be used as a driver or a passenger
  • Weapons cant be used as a driver or as a passenger

You can use the WarriorSense ability through the Virtual Menu.