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Classes are representing every warrior in Lyoko, which means all Lyoko Warriors have their own.

Your class will determine your abilites and weapons on Lyoko.


Before virtualizing on Lyoko, a class must be selected via the Supercomputer. If no classes are selected before diving in Lyoko, a random one will be given to you.

To select a class, press the supercomputer's button, and select the "Choose Class" Item (Ulrich's Katana).

After doing so, you can chose from five different classes with unique skills and weapons. Just click once on the class you wish to use and you're set to go on Lyoko !

Common Features


No matter the class you select, you will always be awarded 100 energy upon virtualizing on Lyoko.


All classes are coming with a special weapon to fight with on Lyoko. The weapons will vary in terms of range and gameplay. Check the list of classes below to learn more.


All classes have the ability to protect themselves with a shield or their weapon. They also all break after a certain amount of damage is taken.

Summoning OverVehicles

All classes can also summon an overvehicle of their choice (with the exception of the Wings, who can only be summoned by the Angel class).

Deactivating Towers

Unlike in the show, all classes are able to deactivate a tower instead of only Angel. This is mostly due to gameplay purposes

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