Getting started

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This page will tell you how to start playing on MRCL.

Joining the server

First of all: make sure to also read our rules because there's a few unusual ones.

To join the Minecraft server you should first join our Discord server.

Afterwards you can use these commands in the #bot-spam channel to get the IP and minecraft version:


When joining for the first time, you'll be asked to download a resource pack. You must pick "yes". MRCL does not work without one.


MRCL is an offline server. That means that "cracked" clients can join as well. Because of this, you need to create a password to keep your username safe.

To create your password, type this command:

/register mypassword mypassword

Where mypassword is a password that you choose yourself.

After that, you will have to use the login command each time you join the server:

/login mypassword

Legitimate accounts

If you're a "premium" player (in other words: you bought minecraft), then you can skip logging in by marking yourself as "premium" with this command:


Warning: this will probably reset all your advancements.

If you already have advancements on your account, use this command:

/mrcladvancements save

Then, run /premium and when you log back in, run this command:

/mrcladvancements restore

If for whatever reason you want to go back to the "cracked" login system, you can run:


Playing for the first time

Confused about where to go? Here are some tips for your first time on MRCL.

Getting to the factory

You can get to the factory in two ways; the sewer entrance and the boiler room entrance. The sewer entrance is a secret and part of an advancement. So you cant ask where it is. To find the boiler room entrance, simply press the button on the left of the vending machine. This will guide you to the factory. It's not the fastest route though, you can discover that one yourself!.

You can get to the lab through the elevator. Just right click the elevator buttons. and click "Lab Room" in the chat prompt.

Getting to Lyoko

First, go to the lab and sit in the chair. Click the button. There you have access to a bunch of features like the superscan, and setting destinations for scanners. You can also choose your class.

Speaking of scanners, go downstairs with the ladder or the elevator and step into a scanner. Jump to virtualize to Lyoko!.

Community Veteran

If you've been playing for a while and know the server inside-and-out, you can apply for Veteran. All you need is to find all the MRCL advancements. Be careful, most advancements are secret and you're not allowed to talk about them!

As a veteran you will get:

  • A colored role in Discord
  • A rank in minecraft
  • Colored nickname perms in minecraft

You can check your progress with this command:


To apply for veteran, make a ticket by clicking the pen emoji in the #tech-support channel.

If you need help

If something isn't working for you and you need help with your account, or a player is harassing you, you can open a ticket on the Discord server by clicking the pen emoji in the #tech-support channel.

If it's just a question or you're not sure where to go, just ask a moderator or send a message in #general on discord!